Mailbox Repairs

Mailbox Repairs - Call for Pricing

We offer free estimates, free consultations, and free advice. To request a quote, text or email a picture of your mailbox and two pictures of the brick or stone on your home or business. One picture should be taken 2 ft. away and one picture should be taken 20 ft. away. These pictures allow us to see the details of the brick or stone and the mortar color. Please include your name, telephone number, and address in the text or email.


We offer the following repair services:

  • Up righting a down or shifted mailbox
  • Patch or replace damaged mortar joints, bricks, etc.
  • Lift and relocate mailbox to a better area
  • Remove and replace old mailbox insert. We can remove your old insert and upgrade it with our lock and key security model.

Please call for pricing and further details.

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