Mailbox Repairs

Mailbox Repairs - Call for Pricing

At Brick Mailbox Plus, we understand how essential it is for your home or business’ brick mailbox to stay in pristine condition and provide the highest quality of repairs and replacements. We offer free estimates, consultations, and advice for all potential customers, so don’t hesitate to reach out. To request a quote, simply text or email us a picture of your mailbox and two pictures of the brick or stone on your home or business. We need one picture taken 2 ft. away and one taken 20 ft. away so that we can see the details of the brick or stone and the mortar color. Please remember to include your name, telephone number, and address in the text or email.


    We offer specialized brick mailbox repair and replacement services to ensure that your mailbox looks perfect. Our team is highly skilled in uprighting down or shifted mailboxes, patching or replacing damaged mortar joints, bricks, etc., as well as lifting and relocating mailboxes to a more suitable area. Rest assured that when you choose Brick Mailbox Plus, we guarantee professional results every time! Contact us today for more information about our brick mailbox repair and replacement services.

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